The purpose of PolyCharms is to give the polyamory and non-monogamy community a venue for expressing their individual style through symbolism, wrought in metal and stone. While embracing the fact that polyamory themed jewelry is fun, fanciful, and unifying, a PolyCharm also aims to capture the spirit of your love story.

In this gallery you will find everything from widely recognizable polyamory symbols, to custom pieces designed with shapes and themes inspired by individual circumstances, all the way to special sets made for you to share with your loved ones as symbols of your unity.

Please browse around, see what grabs your attention, and think about what speaks to you.

Custom creation is the pride and joy of PolyCharms, so please reach out to discuss with me any ideas, designs, or pieces you want made just for you or your loved ones here. Never hesitate to contact me at info@polycharms.com.

With Love,
Serendipity Kent
Founder of PolyCharms