Custom Work
I can make just what you need!

Are you in a 'W'? Maybe an 'N'? Or an 'Æ' (I bet it's been done)! Would you like a custom piece of work to reflect an orientation or perhaps a signifigant commitment that vanilla jewelry hasn't really got covered?

If you've got a unique concept in mind, or would like something made to reflect your own personal situation, I am excited to work closely with you and incorporate your ideas to create exactly what you're looking for!

You have any number of options at your disposal.

Step 1 - Contact Me! We'll talk about what you're looking for, and how much you're looking to spend. I can work on practically any budget!

Step 2 - Share your ideas. You can either come up with something totally original, reference jewelry you've seen on the web, or draw inspiration from items you've seen in my shop!

Step 3 - Consider your options. Pick out what metals (Copper, polished silver, gold, antiqued silver), think of what colors (the rainbow is the limit!), specific stones (birthstones? Or gemstones with a metaphysical purpose? diamonds?) and if the muses aren't speaking to you, you can always just leave it to me!

The quickest way to reach me is via e-mail, Or you can always catch me on twitter and facebook! All my contact info is here.