I'm proud to say that I gather inspiration for my work from my community, from my personal experiences, and from the culture of non-monogamy. In the midst of finding my identity and wondering how to contribute to the movement at large, I decided that my skill as a crafter would be the easiest for me to use in this vein.

All the items are crafted using the finest precious metals, and genuine gemstones. My appreciation of both gemology and of metaphysical crystal lore is not lost on my creations, as a number of my works are specifically made with purposeful intent upon the stones. Also, I do my best to coordinate color, shape, and texture into the pieces as well.

Everything you see on the site is entirely hand made by myself. I pride myself in the satsifaction of my customers. If you are interested in viewing my non polyamory specific jewelry, you can see more of my work here.

Thank you so much for your time and interest.

With Love,
Serendipity Kent
Founder of PolyCharms